Dec 16, 2008

Ultimate firmware version is released

Change List

1. Add new icons at main menu for File Copy and Schedule Record functions.
2. Add preview on/off and HD off/720p/1080i in Setup menu.
3. Support ISO file, DVD Navigation and SUB/SMI/SSA subtitle.
4. More than one shortcut can be added in My Shortcuts list.
5. Supports Playlist.
6. Add browse ALL in Browser menu
7. Optional record device : FAT32 partition or USB device1 but remove all Playback menu.
8. Supports NTFS partition (read only) which allows file size more than 4GB.
9. Supports bundled WiFi dongle only.

Go to the download page.........

Warning : It will format your current hard disk's FAT32 space into two partitions, FAT32 and NTFS. That means all media is gone, recorded video won't be accessible.

Nov 9, 2008

How to check the firmware version of ME1

Press Display key twice while at main menu screen.

Oct 7, 2008

What Good Gear Guide says about ME1 ?

ME1 got a 4 stars review by Good Gear Guide OZ.

4 Stars (Recommended) means this product has excellent features and performance.This product is good value, and rates very highly compared to its competitors.This product will satisfy user needs, lacks any serious flaws, and comes recommended.

Check the complete review.....

Sep 5, 2008

Another ME1 support forum is created

There is another forum is created by Mowax, who has been quiet active to help ME1 user. So now you have more places to visit and got helped in ME1 community.

This forum has moved to a new (and better) address!! Visit:

Aug 26, 2008

Direct access recorded video through Samba

The recorded video is saved in Linux UDF partition as .VRO, if you wanna copy it to PC for further usage, you have to transfer it to FAT32 partition as .MPG and copy it to PC, the clip will be split every 2GB. It's kind of troublesome. 

Thanks for a user make a request at ME1's Google groups and some one provides the solution that's why this post comes out. 

If you have installed Samba Server by follow "Easy way to enable Samba server, Mldonkey, Gmedia Server and SSH at bootup" , and now you can direct access recorded video by modify two files, smb.conf and in /usr/local/etc/hdd/volumes/HDD1/chroot/etc/samba folder. If you have chroot to debian then it's under /etc/samba.

Add "mount /dev/hda3 /mnt/auto " to (mount recording partition to /mnt/auto)

Add the bellows to smb.conf (a "record" folder will be created  when you access ME1)
comment = Recording partition of HDD 
path = /mnt/auto 
read only = no 
public = yes 

If you have SSH enabled,  simply download those two files and copy to /etc/samba folder.


Jul 21, 2008

Schedule record firmware released.

Many people are requesting for schedule record, and now wish comes true.
Emprex has released a firmware which has schedule record function, but File Copy is removed. The default language is set as Simple Chinese, you could need to change it back to English manually.

Select the 4th icon for Setup(tool icon) -> Press left arrow key once for System(desktop icon) -> Press Enter key for language list(flag icon), Up arrow key to select English and press Enter key to change language.

Check ReadMe first..........

Firmware version MEB_S2.08.K1 download

Jul 7, 2008

Google Groups is created, create your own discuss topic now

I found Google Groups is easier for everyone to create your own topic to discuss everything about ME1. Try it now !

Go to ME'1 Google Groups...

Jun 18, 2008

What Good Gear Guide says about ME1 ?

There is a ME1 review from OZ, let see what they say. Link to...

Jun 15, 2008

Easy backup and navigation DVD video

There are two ways to backup your DVD video collections :
1. Direct copy all files to ME1.
2. Make a ISO image which is supported by ME1.

Some DVD Discs can not be copied because of copy protection. The backup operation must obey your local law of copyright. Please do not copy or distribute media with copyright.

Browse the folder/ISO and Open the video_ts subfolder.Play the video_ts.ifo file. Usually, the video_ts.ifo is the first file in the subfolder. The menu of the DVD video will be shown, you can use the remote control to navigate the DVD video.

Navigation functions
A. AUDIO selection by press the number key 4
Select different audio or language setting.
B. SUBTITLE selection by press the number key 5
Select a subtitle.
C. ANGLE selection by press the number key 7
Select a viewing angle
D. BOOKMARK SET by press the number key 3
Set a bookmark.
E. BOOKMARK GOTO by press the number key 6
Go to the bookmark.
F. TITLE by press the number key 1
Go to Menu of the DVD video
G. GOTO by press number key 2
Press the number key 2, a Playback Search dialog box will be popped up. Use Up/Down arrow key to select Title, Chapter, or Time setting. Press ENTER to start Title/Chapter/Time input. You can use Up/Down arrow key or digits key to change the value. Press ENTER again, the display will jump to the specified Title/Chapter/Time. Press RETURN key, the dialog box will be closed.

Jun 2, 2008

Easy way to enable Samba server, Mldonkey, Gmedia Server and SSH at bootup.

Samba Server : Provides file services to all manner of SMB/CIFS clients, including the numerous versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems.
Mldonkey : The p2p client for Linux/Unix/Windows
Gmedia server : GMediaServer serves audio and video files to certain network connected media players.
SSH : Secure Shell or SSH is a network protocol that allows data to be exchanged using a secure channel between two computers.

Samba image

Steps :
1. Unzip downloaded files to ME1's FAT32 partition through USB connection. [Make sure there are 4GB space available]
2. Disconnect USB connection and boot up ME1, make sure time is set at present and LAN is connected.
3. In Windows, go to the Start menu, select Run,at the command line type "telnet" [Assume ME1's IP address is]
4. Venus login : root [Type "root" for login]5. /# /usr/local/etc/hdd/volumes/HDD1/first [ME1 will reboot and all applications will be enabled at bootup}

Note :
Default login ID and PW
SSH : root & 1234
Mldonkey : admin and 1234

1. After Samba server is active, type "file://x.x.x.x/" to access ME1' FAT32 partition.
2. BT download is disabled in Mldonkey by default, you would need to enable it first, type "http://x.x.x.x:4080/ to access Mldonkey
3. If you need Samba server only while boot up ME1, rename or delete .SH in service foler for each service.
4. The image is tested with F/W version 1.08

May 23, 2008

New firmware with new function released

New firmware just released for more functions. The juiciest one is FileCopy which allows you to transfer files from Net.

Change List :

1. Add a new icon at main menu for File Copy function.
2. Add preview on/off and HD off/720p/1080i in Setup.
3. Support ISO file, DVD Navigation and SUB/SMI/SSA subtitle.
4. More than one shortcut can be added.

Don't forget to download ReadMe.pdf for firmware update procedure and new function operation method.

May 13, 2008

Mar 10, 2008

Setup ME1 as a BT downloader

Note : There is an upate post which let you set ME1 as BT downloader, Samba Server, GMedia Server and SSH with couple steps only.

There are people out there are trying to build more APs for ME1, I think BT downloader and Samba Server are the most useful. This post is base on their contributions to help more users easier to build APs.

It's quiet easy to setup ME1 as BT downloader, the performacnec is considering good and power saving. After BT download you could just play it back directly by ME1, no need to transfer file. And even better part is that you can copy files over LAN, not just steaming. Have ever, there are risks, for example ME1 might won't boot up again and you would need to remove all partitions and re-initial hard disk again, all data will be lost.
You could download Debian 1.0 from bellow link, it would require to unzip .gz under Linux :
Pwassword :

Or you could download Ext2 from
{There are 11 rar files}{The provided image will create 4G space, you could create your own if needed and know how to.}

I find the easiest way is to download Ext2 and follow the bellow processes. Here are the steps :
Unzip downloaded file to ME1's FAT32 partition through USB connection. {Make sure there are 4GB space available}
Disconnect USB connection and boot up ME1, make sure time is set at present and LAN is connected.
In Windows, go to the Start menu, select Run,at the command line, type "telnet" {Assume ME1's IP address is}
Venus login : root {Type "root" for login}
/ # cd /usr/local/etc/hdd/volumes/HDD1/
/usr/local/etc/hdd/volumes/HDD1 # mkdir chroot
/usr/local/etc/hdd/volumes/HDD1 # mount -o loop -w ./debin-4g.ext2 ./chroot
/usr/local/etc/hdd/volumes/HDD1 # chroot ./chroot
sh-3.1# mount -t proc proc /proc
sh-3.1# mount /dev/hda1 /mnt/hda
sh-3.1# apt-get update
sh-3.1# apt-get install mldonkey-server
After unpacking 10.9MB of additional disk space will be used.Do you want to continue [Y/n]? y {type "y" to continue}
Launch MLDonkey at startup ? {Select Yes to enable it at startup}MLDonkey directory : {Just press Enter to accept default}
Maximal download speed :{Just press Enter to accept default}
Password of admin user: {Type in password}
Retype Password of admin user: {Type in password again}
sh-3.1# /etc/init.d/mldonkey-server stop
sh-3.1# vim /var/lib/mldonkey/downloads.ini
{find 'allowed_ips = ["";]' and rewrite it as 'allowed_ips = ["";]',assume ME1 and PC IP is in range of 192.168.1.X (X=1~254)}
sh-3.1# /etc/init.d/mldonkey-server start
{If MLdonkey doesn't work, you can check /var/lib/mldonkey/mlnet.log for detail message}
Now you could use IE and type "http://x.x.x.x:4080/ (x.x.x.x is ME1's IP address)click Servers -> Import Server.met ( use google find sever.met and copy and paste link adress )

PS : Sancho is a good GUI connects to MLDonkey core application. (

If you would like to set ME1 as a samba sever, execute the bellow command :
sh-3.1# apt-get install samba
sh-3.1# mv /etc/samba/smb.conf{,.bk}
sh-3.1# /etc/init.d/samba stop
sh-3.1# vim /etc/samba/smb.conf {Modify smb.conf as bellow}
workgroup = workgroup
netbios name = ME1
server string = server
include = /etc/samba/dhcp.conf
dns proxy = no
log file = /var/log/samba/log.%m
max log size = 50 syslog = 0
guest account = root
security = share
encrypt passwords = false
[ME1 share]
comment = mldonkey download folder
path = /var/lib/mldonkey/incoming
read only = no
public = yes
comment = the fat32 partition of HDD
path = /mnt/hda
read only = no
public = yes

sh-3.1# /etc/init.d/samba start {Start Samba server}{After Samba server is active, type "file://x.x.x.x/" to access ME1' FAT32 partition}

Have fun !

Feb 13, 2008

Initializing the HDD

HDD must set as MASTER mode to avoid unpredictable problem.

Timeshift Buffer takes 4GB per hour and max. 4Hrs, recording quality is fixed at HQ mode.

There are 5 recording quality modes for vidoe in, here is approximate space takes :

HQ mode = 71MB/min
SP = 36MB/min
LP = 25MB/min
EP = 18MB/min
SLP = 13MB/min

The min. space is 10% of rest capacity.

Besides Timeshift buffer and recording space, others will be formatted as FAT32 format for media storag which can be accessed by PC througth USB connection.