Jun 15, 2008

Easy backup and navigation DVD video

There are two ways to backup your DVD video collections :
1. Direct copy all files to ME1.
2. Make a ISO image which is supported by ME1.

Some DVD Discs can not be copied because of copy protection. The backup operation must obey your local law of copyright. Please do not copy or distribute media with copyright.

Browse the folder/ISO and Open the video_ts subfolder.Play the video_ts.ifo file. Usually, the video_ts.ifo is the first file in the subfolder. The menu of the DVD video will be shown, you can use the remote control to navigate the DVD video.

Navigation functions
A. AUDIO selection by press the number key 4
Select different audio or language setting.
B. SUBTITLE selection by press the number key 5
Select a subtitle.
C. ANGLE selection by press the number key 7
Select a viewing angle
D. BOOKMARK SET by press the number key 3
Set a bookmark.
E. BOOKMARK GOTO by press the number key 6
Go to the bookmark.
F. TITLE by press the number key 1
Go to Menu of the DVD video
G. GOTO by press number key 2
Press the number key 2, a Playback Search dialog box will be popped up. Use Up/Down arrow key to select Title, Chapter, or Time setting. Press ENTER to start Title/Chapter/Time input. You can use Up/Down arrow key or digits key to change the value. Press ENTER again, the display will jump to the specified Title/Chapter/Time. Press RETURN key, the dialog box will be closed.

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Microprosopus said...

Any one know if there's a way of turning on and off subtitles that are embedded in DIVX files (not srt) ?