Oct 30, 2007

Streaming HD video from PC directly

In order to stream HD video file, I connect ME1 and PC directly through Ethernet port.

1. Use a ethernet cable to connect ME1 and PC.
2. I set the IP of ME1 as ->Network ->Wired Lan Setup -> FIX IP(MANUAL), and IP for PC as
3. Setup my shortcut in Setup-> MISC -> Network Browser as below :
Net User ID :
Net Password :
Specific File Server IP : 192.168.123
4. I put the downloaded HD video in a shared video folder.
5. Browser ->NET -> My Shortcuts
6. ME1 can stream HD video smoothly.

Oct 12, 2007

How to rotate photos

Press Right Arrow key(rotate clockwise)or Left Arrow key(rotate anti-clockwise) during photo sliding. You have to press PLAY key to contiune the slide show.

Oct 11, 2007

Use DVD-ROM installed in PC as DVD player

If you set DVD-ROM drive installed in PC as shared, then you can play DVD movie in the DVD-ROM directly through ME1 network connection.

Network connections

Oct 2, 2007

Since it has LAN port, will it act as network file server ?

The LAN port is for playback files from any system connected in the same network but can't copy files.