Jun 19, 2008

What is your home network diagram and how to set it up ?

There are countless network layouts exist, what is the most commond ?

Common layouts for home computer networks From Bradley Mitchell, About.com

How To Set Up a Network Router By Bradley Mitchell, About.com

Setting up a home network :


Windows XP

Debian Linux Network

Mac OS


mcinnes01 said...

Is there any way of accessing your files off the ME1 over the internet once you have made it in to a network attached storage device?

Is it possible to set port forwarding up to access the me1 over the internet?



Anonymous said...

Install SSH and set port forwarding to ME1's port 22. But I won't recommand that due to security reason.

mcinnes01 said...

which putty programme do you use to access your files with the ssh off the ME1 over the internet?

su said...

I used WinScp, but u can google SFTP to find others SFTP program.

mcinnes01 said...


Can you recommend a way of being able to copy files to and from the ME1 over the internet? Are there any ftp servers that could be installed on it or alternative programme?


Anonymous said...

I used ssh server for file transfer in internet.But if u prefered ftp server , u can try wu-ftpd.

Bob said...

Off topic for this post, but I dont know where else to post.

Is it possible to have the main hdd partition as an ext3 partition rather than FAT32? If I reformat it, will it mount it as usual?

If I run "strings DvdPlayer | grep mount", I see that it has the string :
"mount /dev/ide/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/part1 /usr/local/etc/hdd/volumes/HDD1/", so in theory it should mount the partition as long as it knows about the partition type.

Has anyone tried converting their FAT32 partition into an ext3 partition? I would rather hear that someone has done it successfully before taking the time to convert my ~500GB partition :)

The reason I ask this is that my FAT32 partition occasionally gets corrupted, especially when im torrenting onto it and the power is removed without stopping the torrents. I normally just fsck it and it repairs it, but nowerdays (since latest firmware and linux image), the fsck.vfat OOMs when trying to allocate some memory and bombs out. Currently I cant restart torrent downloading because the FAT32 partition has been remounted read-only due to fs errors, and I cant repair them.

Thanks in advance