Dec 16, 2008

Ultimate firmware version is released

Change List

1. Add new icons at main menu for File Copy and Schedule Record functions.
2. Add preview on/off and HD off/720p/1080i in Setup menu.
3. Support ISO file, DVD Navigation and SUB/SMI/SSA subtitle.
4. More than one shortcut can be added in My Shortcuts list.
5. Supports Playlist.
6. Add browse ALL in Browser menu
7. Optional record device : FAT32 partition or USB device1 but remove all Playback menu.
8. Supports NTFS partition (read only) which allows file size more than 4GB.
9. Supports bundled WiFi dongle only.

Go to the download page.........

Warning : It will format your current hard disk's FAT32 space into two partitions, FAT32 and NTFS. That means all media is gone, recorded video won't be accessible.