May 23, 2008

New firmware with new function released

New firmware just released for more functions. The juiciest one is FileCopy which allows you to transfer files from Net.

Change List :

1. Add a new icon at main menu for File Copy function.
2. Add preview on/off and HD off/720p/1080i in Setup.
3. Support ISO file, DVD Navigation and SUB/SMI/SSA subtitle.
4. More than one shortcut can be added.

Don't forget to download ReadMe.pdf for firmware update procedure and new function operation method.


robcarter said...


good update, it's nice to be able to turn the preview off, a few questions though:

1. It would be nice to be able to give the shortcuts a proper names something like "living room pc" instead of would be nice.

2. The old method of browsing the network worked great, it would be good to be able to still do that and then add a share to a shortcut list

3. As above it would also be nice to be able to set shortcuts to specific shares on a pc and name them

4. I can't see what the "my neighbours" option is for could you elaborate?

5. And what is the net:device option for it doesn't seem to do anything at all, showing it just confuses the issue.

any comments?
rob carter

Francky said...

Wonderful, it works fine ! Just one thing to be perfect : scheduled recording !

Bill said...

Hi, I have installed the firmware upgrade and it has a nicer interface then the previous version.
A couple of issues are:
1. It keeps returning to 4:3 screen layout despite being set to 16:9 It could be my TV, but it never happened on previous release.
2. The web server is no longer running. I have been writing a small web application to manage files etc. and would really like to know how to start the server again, and how to make it start on system startup.

Stefan said...

After update my server Samba don't want to start.
Before update Samba started automatically with any problems.
Maybe some one have any idea how to start.

Anonymous said...

I installed this last night (24/5/08) - the first memory stick I tried was not recognised, the second was recognised but it took 3 attempts to get it to get past the "Install Begin" screen after that it installed perfectly! It would be great if Emprex could release the source code or developers but at least they are supporting the ME1 - thank you!

Anonymous said...

I have just updated my ME1 software. What a difference. It has now made it useable over a network by turning off the preview function. the other features are good including the menu. I have changed the start up picture to my own design which I did before the software upgrade. Still missing is the clock looses its setting when powered off. shame it doesn't get w32time. The big let down is still unable to move files over the network to the PC. But overall a big improvement.

Tomasz said...

I have Emprex ME1 (no hard disk) + landisk NetShare (320GB, samba,ftp) for media files.

I don't browse my landisk in DVDPlayer. For fix it I must login telnet and write:
echo 0 > /proc/fs/cifs/LinuxExtensionsEnabled

This is discomfort.

I plug small pendrive 128MB (fat32) for ME1 and mount my landisk by small script:

(script: /usr/local/etc/myscript)
mount /dev/sda /tmp/usbmounts/sda -o rw,remount
mount -t cifs // /tmp/usbmounts/sda/mnt -o rw,nodiratime,username=J,rsize=32680,wsize=32680

* on pendrive exists directory /mnt
* ip: is a my landisk ip
* /all is directory for my share

I add line:
at end of file:

I don't hdd in me-1 :) but
I can copy lan->lan and probably hdd->lan.
Additionally I unplug fun and have silent.

Anonymous said...


The Upload in not very good my samba is OFF and is not possible restart it the file mkv no play and is not implemented shceduling for registretion porgram.

on copy menu and source net for destinetion HDD on NET is impossible find file but is possible look the directory ???????

Sorry for my bad English.

Anonymous said...


I have updated the 'me1 but over the menu slightly improved and the chance' to include more 'network sources have not found improvements rather my Samba server does not work more' and you can not restore
I do not see more hours' format files mkv and I would have hoped to find nell'aggiornamwento the chance 'to register by scheduling which strangely has not yet been implemented (as they say unfortunate because the chance' we are but the so-called firmware to support is highly little seems almost windows .....)
I know how someone can get at least samba server?

Thank you

Sorry for my bad english

Anonymous said...

In new firmware
httpd demon not work

Anonymous said...

Him I installed the new firmware and its agreat improvement, thankyou.
I cannot play dvds from the pc though. it says the ifo files are in an invalid format. i am in the uk with uk dvds, is there a difference and can I get them to work?

Anonymous said...

Great update,

The browsing movies is now a lot better but it would be great if you could have the preview disabled but be able to start it wit the center button and then begin the film by either the center button again or with the play button.

it would also be a good idea for you to publish the source code for the firmware so that we could make our own modifications.

Anonymous said...

I've not long since bought the ME1. The new firmware was a godsend. Far cleaner, functional and usable compared to the old.

On a side issue. Can anyone tell me how to increase the size of the subtitles? They're absolutely tiny.


Owen Cotter said...


I have a basic enough question. I am not a software or hardware expert so this could be simple enough. I have the Emprex ME1 and I have a selection of .avi files loaded that I can watch on my laptop. I can also hook it up to my tv where I can see all the menu's but I cannot see the video files. Does anyone know what the problem is?

Anonymous said...

Have you select press left/right array key to select media type first ?

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to increase the menu size on 1080. It's very small. How do I tell what firmware is installed? This is new as of 28th September so do I presume the latest firmware is installed. Regards to all.

BEDDISM said...

I have ran the Update. However, If i have recorded something, I still do not have any way of copying this film/program off the record area to the main HDD area or off completely to a USB/Laptop drive.

Can anyone help how can i do this

pat0000 said...

I wonder if anybody can help me.I bought an emprex mp1 today. I tried everything I can but I cant get it to record tv. Also what are fireware updates,

pat0000 said...

I wonder if anybody can help me.I bought an emprex mp1 today. I tried everything I can but I cant get it to record tv. Also what are fireware updates,

pat0000 said...

I just got Emprex ME1, How do you connect it to tv,to record. I have tried connecting Av cables, but I cannot get it to record tv station. Is there anything else I can do. When I connect it,I see display in ext4, my tv isextdoes this matter. Please help