Dec 26, 2007

Which video converter are you using ? Why ?

I downloaded some videos from internet, but it's RMVB format which can't playback by ME1. So I used WinAVI to trasncode it to AVI for playback. I'm wondering what is the most popular, best quality and free transcoder are available.
Please give your opinion which is the best video converter for you, and why you think it is the best.

Nov 21, 2007

Copy recorded AV to PC

There are two major partitions while initialize HDD installed in ME1.
Linux partition is for timeshift and AV in record space.
FAT32 partition is for photo/music/movies storage space.

If you would like to copy recorded video to PC, then you need copy video to FAT32 partition first, and then copy to PC through USB connection.

Copy to FAT32 method :
Playback -> Title Edit -> Copy to FAT32 partition
Video will copied to \REC folder.

Oct 30, 2007

Streaming HD video from PC directly

In order to stream HD video file, I connect ME1 and PC directly through Ethernet port.

1. Use a ethernet cable to connect ME1 and PC.
2. I set the IP of ME1 as ->Network ->Wired Lan Setup -> FIX IP(MANUAL), and IP for PC as
3. Setup my shortcut in Setup-> MISC -> Network Browser as below :
Net User ID :
Net Password :
Specific File Server IP : 192.168.123
4. I put the downloaded HD video in a shared video folder.
5. Browser ->NET -> My Shortcuts
6. ME1 can stream HD video smoothly.

Oct 12, 2007

How to rotate photos

Press Right Arrow key(rotate clockwise)or Left Arrow key(rotate anti-clockwise) during photo sliding. You have to press PLAY key to contiune the slide show.

Oct 11, 2007

Use DVD-ROM installed in PC as DVD player

If you set DVD-ROM drive installed in PC as shared, then you can play DVD movie in the DVD-ROM directly through ME1 network connection.

Network connections

Oct 2, 2007

Since it has LAN port, will it act as network file server ?

The LAN port is for playback files from any system connected in the same network but can't copy files.

Aug 2, 2007

ME1 support

ME1 service start !