Dec 16, 2008

Ultimate firmware version is released

Change List

1. Add new icons at main menu for File Copy and Schedule Record functions.
2. Add preview on/off and HD off/720p/1080i in Setup menu.
3. Support ISO file, DVD Navigation and SUB/SMI/SSA subtitle.
4. More than one shortcut can be added in My Shortcuts list.
5. Supports Playlist.
6. Add browse ALL in Browser menu
7. Optional record device : FAT32 partition or USB device1 but remove all Playback menu.
8. Supports NTFS partition (read only) which allows file size more than 4GB.
9. Supports bundled WiFi dongle only.

Go to the download page.........

Warning : It will format your current hard disk's FAT32 space into two partitions, FAT32 and NTFS. That means all media is gone, recorded video won't be accessible.


Tom said...

The new firmware is great!!!!
I'm lucky I didn't have any tv recordings on my drive, you should really put a notice up that IT WILL FORMAT YOUR RECORDINGS partition. I'm keen to hear more about this wifi over usb feature.
Keep up the good work!

Overide said...

Hi there,

which usb wireless dongel works on ME1???

Anonymous said...

Looks like only the bundled dongle works.

Access said...

This is customer satisfaction at its best. Most companies dont bother providing customers with new firmware, but you have kept me at least very happy with your product updates... so much so, that i will be making future Emprex product purchases. Thanks again... looking forward to updating my ME1 this evening.

Access said...

following up on the new firmware... i think you need to inform people downloading this new firmware, they need to backup all files on their ME1 to pc and then format their hd back to raw status so they dont have wasted space as stated in the read me file. Basically its not just the recorded video section that will be erased, but the entire HD! otherwise you will end up with a partitioned partition!! So you would be better off if installing this firmware, to be using a blank (raw) HD in your ME1 with no partitions, and start from there with the new firmware.

Superfly said...

Wow its like having a christmas early! well done dudes!!!

Is the bundled usb dongle available to buy as a retro fit spare?

KDM said...

Brilliant. This added some great stuff. The ability to turn off the preview is surely sent by God. A note on this, though: it would be great to be able to preview on demand, rather than having to go back to the setup to switch it on.
Something I don't understand: The update manual says "If the hard disk is used for previous firmware version, then only the FAT32
partition will be recreated into two partitions, FAT32 and NTFS. The
original record disc will be unaccessible and space will be wasted."
Evidently both Access and I have misinterpreted this. I was using a previous version, so I had the Linux partition AND the FAT32 partition. HOWEVER, when I updated, I was offered the chance to repartition the WHOLE drive. The ME1 allowed me to reuse the Linux partition as well, so I didn't have to repartition it on my PC. No complaints, though.
The IS something missing which used to be there. Formerly, I was able to see undiscoverable shared drives on my PC (those whose share names end in '$'). I accept that the new version might be more "compliant" but I miss the ability to see these drives and have had to change some of my share names.
Many thanks for doing this: as noted elsewhere (Access, again!), few manufacturers even bother to update their products!

furball_37 said...

Excellent firmware release, great job.
One question though. How do you delete or rename titles you record?

KDM said...

What is the purpose of the shortcuts in the ME1? Can I add my own shortcuts? (It's a pain having to navigate round my PC with the skimpy little remote.)

furball_37 said...

Sorry, Just Realised. You can delete or rename the recorded video on the PC, when you connect the ME1 by USB. ;)

studio said...

still cant believe you cant play mkv files yet ...

Anonymous said...

Well, I am not so enthusastic about this new firmware

I have had to go back to the previous firmware for 2 reasons

1) Cannot edit files (ABedit, spit etc)
2) When I plug in my external 250GB USB drive to copy content, the unit locks up. Only way to get out of it is with power cycle

While I am here...
please can I have audio only copy


Nick Davies said...

Hey guys
Can you explain how you all format your partitions, as it's not clear to me. I thought the FAT32 partition was for all films which could be copied by USB, so I formatted to have a 95% FAT32, plugged my laptop in and couldn't see the FAT32 partition..just the unwritable NTFS one..

Wez said...

This looks like it may be a good update however, I am a little confused by the operating guide. Can anyone clarify a couple of points. 1. Can you still pause live TV? 2. You lose the Playback facility (and partition) do you now access the recorded programs from the browser icon? 3. If the recording/playback partition has gone then I presume the transfer to fat32 has gone, is this correct?

Anonymous said...

Timeshift record is still valid, and all records playback through Browser menu. Since it is recorded as mpeg file and saved in FAT32 partition, Copy to FAT32 partition is meaningless.

Teddy58 said...

I found in new firmware a few bugs.
1. in mode 1080i emprex displayed only one line of subtitles - this is mode is useless for me. Shame for the programmers

2. after press info message about time don,t want disapeared

3. emprex don't play automaticly next file in folder (only file1)

Next bugs report soon :-)

Cranium said...

I'm trying to use the new play list feature, I have tried following the instructions contained in the ME1_C appendix Manual_english.pdf -
'To add a music or photo file into
Playlist, press number 3 key to
select files or folder in HDD browse
mode, then press 6 to add the
selected files into the play list.' Pressing 3 or 6 has no effect, has anyone managed to use the play list feature successfully?

Cranium said...

Seem to have discovered the answer. I copied MP3's to the HDD. Then using the browser, selected the file I copied, pressed 3 which put a tick next to the file and pressed 6 which added the file to the playlist.
I need to be able to do this when browsing files in NET or network, this is why it would not work earlier. All my files are stored on a network drive, I was hoping it would be able to use Windows Media Playlist or the like...
It only plays the files in name order in the play list, shuffle is needed and selecting files stored on the network?...

thosepeskykids said...

Loving the new firmware, got the ME1 for christmas and its great for watching films on.

One question, that i've searched high and low for is:
What high def formats are supported by the ME1? I know it says divx HD, but are there any others that people know works and if there is an easy workaround (Not using a transcoder or re-encoding files)?

I download alot of my films and the file format is mainly (for high def) x264. Which apparently doesn't work! But if anyone has any tricks or tips it would be much appreciated.

Dean said...

Just a little note for anyone who, like me, doesn't have a USB stick lying around; I have managed to install the update using the USB lead and my Sony Ericsson W960i. I however was unable to install using my Maxtor OneTouch4.


BEDDISM said...

Ran the Upgrade Firmware. However, I am still unable to copy off anything i have RECORDED off onto a usb drive or back onto my laptop. I can put things on the the HDD side, but i want to take off recorded items. Anyone know how i can do this

Anonymous said...

This firmware version records video directly to FAT32 partition, you could just copy it out.
If you use ME1's copy function, make sure the target device is FAT32 file system drive as well.
Install Samba is the best way to move around files, see ME1 as a network drive.

Anonymous said...

Bugs: Lack of polish letter in subtitles, in mode 1080i emprex displayed only one line of subtitles

chris_cornwall said...

The "Copy" feature saved the day for me - had a nightmare trying to copy 60Gb of mp3s from my PC to the ME1

Ended up in an endless loop on start up with it demanding to format itself every start up - took the hard disk out and reformatted it blank, it now worked again so I retried copying the mp3s - this time, next time I started it, it would not move past the system loading screen

Gave up - only way to play the mp3s was to put them on another external hard disc and plug that into the USB - that worked fine

Finally now I've used its internal "copy" feature to get them off the second hard disc onto the one in the ME1

Success at last

albob said...

where can you get the usb dongle from?
i bought my me1 in the summer and it didnt come with one

Anonymous said...

Polish letters works OK, just remember file has to be UTF not ASCI.
Always remove all partitions before upgrading to this firmware, otherwise you will loose disk space (recordings partition).

Anonymous said...

How do you format the drive back to raw status?

Anonymous said...

Anyone try to use the copy function with the new FW? I am copying files from an external USB HD (Fat32) to the Fat32 partition of the ME1 (HDD1).

It is taking hours to copy 88 AVI files. Its 2 hours after starting and only at 18%.

If its normal then I will just have to live with it. Would it be quicker copying to a PC first and connecting the ME1 directly. Last time I did this though and after copying files and disconnecting (did not eject through Windows) I was unable to see either HDD1 or HDD2 through ME1. I was not even able to format the HD and start again. What resolved the issue was plugging back in the usb stick with the new firmware and leave it load up again. This did not force a HD format. When it reloaded after the FW upgrade I was able to see both HDD1 and HDD2 again with all the files that I had copied from the PC. I think by not doing a proper eject in Windows caused this issue.

Anyway, back to the original question. Anyone else have this slow copy problem?

Anonymous said...

It's quiet obvious copy from USB deivce to ME1 would be very slow since ME1 is limited hardware used for media playback only. It can't compare with PC.
If you are trying to copy large files, it is better to connect ME1 to PC through USB port for copy stuff.

someone said...

where can you get the usb dongle from?

Mike said...

I appear to have a problem since updating to this version. The ME1 works as a USB HD nicely but all it displays when not connected is 'Video 1' in the upper right hand corner. It doesn't respond to the remote either. I tried to reload the FW it goes through the installation but skips the HDD part, after this it goes to display 'Video 1'. Anybody an idea ?

Anonymous said...

I think the Video 1 is means that you connect ME1 to TV's AV/In 1 but there is no signal from ME1 to TV. Since firmware flash goes through successfully, then wire connection should be good.
What is the status of the LED light ? Green means On.
If it can't turn green, make sure USB cable connects to PC is disconnected.
You can try remove hard disk and boot up ME1 with it to check if hard disk might be the issue.

Anonymous said...

how do you put the firmware updates on mine is not goin on.

Anonymous said...

When you download firmware from Emprex, there is a instruction PDF that you should read it first.

Anonymous said...

Hi since updating to the latest firmware (MEC_PO.31.K1.b6)

My ME1 locks up if I try to "Record" or use the "Time Shift" functions , I have to unplug it from the mains to restore. Any ideas ? , or do you know were I may download the earlier firmware as it worked fine with that .. Help Ken Davies

Anonymous said...

Hi Since my earlier comments (

(Hi since updating to the latest firmware (MEC_PO.31.K1.b6)

My ME1 locks up if I try to "Record" or use the "Time Shift" functions )

I have now discovered that the record function works fine if set/up to record to USB device ...Curious...

The HDD works fine on files
uploaded from PC ....

mcinnes01 said...

Does anyone know when emprex are going to make the wireless usb dongle available for those user who have been using the me1 before the bundled version came out? I contacted them myself and was told that they were going to release the wireless dongle for separate purchase, has anyone had any luck with other dongles and or does anyone know if it would be possible to edit the code to work with another manufactures wireless dongle?


Anonymous said...

Hi! Great device loaded with the latest firmware - but I also can only record to USB. Like others, attempting to record to the unit itself causes it to lock-up. Very frustrating - because otherwise it really is a sweet little device.

Leo said...

Hi all,
With firmware version íiMEB_P1.08.K1.b1 USB_InstallAPíj I was able to connect an external 500GB NTFS HD via the ME1 USB port and play DivX and DVD (both .iso and .ifo) but after I upgraded to firmware version MEC_P0.31.K1.b6_USB_InstallAP the ME1 cannot read the USB NTFS HD anymore. It does recognize it and shows me the first folders level. If I try to go any deeper, sometimes the device hangs while showing the "loading" animation, some other times it reboots itself. Any idea on how to solve this?

sammyboi said...

I tried updating the firmware to the new one and it didnt work. I followed the intructions. The loading screen showed and then it jsut went straight to the menus. No installation.

I tried using an Ipod, usb camera, phone, and a dongle.

Could it be that my device is old (as i got my me1 as soon as they came out)

This is a copy of the "displaydisplay"

kernal 7
bootup nulloo.[bootcode 02.088041
audio 88593 video 88811
root app 85371
region code 0 hw rtd1261avhdd

Thanks for any help

Christopher said...

I do not seem to be able to rename files with the new software.

Has anybody got a lead on this?