Oct 11, 2007

Use DVD-ROM installed in PC as DVD player

If you set DVD-ROM drive installed in PC as shared, then you can play DVD movie in the DVD-ROM directly through ME1 network connection.


Anonymous said...

When I do this, the file structure for the DVD comes up, but none of the .vob files will play. It says that they are invalid files!

Anonymous said...

Does it play .VOB which store in HDD ?
ME1 doesn't support .IFO, maybe have have selected .IFO instead of .VOB

Anonymous said...

Works a treat on non copy protected DVDs but not for streaming normal DVD Videos with copy protection.
Is there a way to allow this - after all you are not able to record the film just watch it on the TV?

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I shared my dvd rom from my laptop, i can see it on me1, but when i select it its empty, i have put in a divx files dvd, similar to ones on my hdd which work on streaming on me1.

any help pls


Anonymous said...

What is the file extension for the DivX you have ?