Nov 21, 2007

Copy recorded AV to PC

There are two major partitions while initialize HDD installed in ME1.
Linux partition is for timeshift and AV in record space.
FAT32 partition is for photo/music/movies storage space.

If you would like to copy recorded video to PC, then you need copy video to FAT32 partition first, and then copy to PC through USB connection.

Copy to FAT32 method :
Playback -> Title Edit -> Copy to FAT32 partition
Video will copied to \REC folder.


Zeniamar said...

When connecting to my PC as soon as I connect the USB cable the unit switches to standby and the orange light comes on.I cannot see the unit in "my computer " as soon as I disconnect the USB the unit powers up and the green light is on.
Is this how it should work?

Anonymous said...

I get the same - Seems to be a major flaw in the design or are we missing something here?

What I am trying to do is use a PC to download files directly to the ME1's hard disk. There would appear to be two solutions with the hardware:

1. Connect the ME1 as a USB hard disk. This works but the ME1 does not seem to work as a media player when used as a USB disk drive. This means the ME1 needs to be unpluged after copying.

2. Use the network to copy files directly to a shared drive on the ME1. This does not work because the ME1 only seems to work as a network client and not a server.

Is this correct? If so, will there be software fixes to this in the future?

Ferret said...

Hmmm, should have looked here first! So can I copy files via the USB to the ME1 and then have them sit there (happily) and ready to be played?

nobody said...

Of course you could copy media to ME1 FAT32 partition throught USB connection.

Anonymous said...

Opps found section on how to copy recordings to Fat32 partition. Thanks for your help.