Jan 7, 2009

Jan 6, 2009

Convert IDE to SATA

Anyone noticed there is an IDE to SATA brideg board bundled with ME1 if you bought ME1 recently.

I managed to install the bridge board with my 750GB hard disk, see the pictures I took.
It's quiet easy to install the bridge board, I'll take more pictures or even make a video to show you how.
QIG is available on Emprex web site : Click here.....

Dec 16, 2008

Ultimate firmware version is released

Change List

1. Add new icons at main menu for File Copy and Schedule Record functions.
2. Add preview on/off and HD off/720p/1080i in Setup menu.
3. Support ISO file, DVD Navigation and SUB/SMI/SSA subtitle.
4. More than one shortcut can be added in My Shortcuts list.
5. Supports Playlist.
6. Add browse ALL in Browser menu
7. Optional record device : FAT32 partition or USB device1 but remove all Playback menu.
8. Supports NTFS partition (read only) which allows file size more than 4GB.
9. Supports bundled WiFi dongle only.

Go to the download page.........

Warning : It will format your current hard disk's FAT32 space into two partitions, FAT32 and NTFS. That means all media is gone, recorded video won't be accessible.

Nov 9, 2008

How to check the firmware version of ME1

Press Display key twice while at main menu screen.

Oct 7, 2008

What Good Gear Guide says about ME1 ?

ME1 got a 4 stars review by Good Gear Guide OZ.

4 Stars (Recommended) means this product has excellent features and performance.This product is good value, and rates very highly compared to its competitors.This product will satisfy user needs, lacks any serious flaws, and comes recommended.

Check the complete review.....

Sep 5, 2008

Another ME1 support forum is created

There is another forum is created by Mowax, who has been quiet active to help ME1 user. So now you have more places to visit and got helped in ME1 community.


This forum has moved to a new (and better) address!! Visit: http://emprex.codejs.com

Aug 26, 2008

Direct access recorded video through Samba

The recorded video is saved in Linux UDF partition as .VRO, if you wanna copy it to PC for further usage, you have to transfer it to FAT32 partition as .MPG and copy it to PC, the clip will be split every 2GB. It's kind of troublesome. 

Thanks for a user make a request at ME1's Google groups and some one provides the solution that's why this post comes out. 

If you have installed Samba Server by follow "Easy way to enable Samba server, Mldonkey, Gmedia Server and SSH at bootup" , and now you can direct access recorded video by modify two files, smb.conf and samba.sh in /usr/local/etc/hdd/volumes/HDD1/chroot/etc/samba folder. If you have chroot to debian then it's under /etc/samba.

Add "mount /dev/hda3 /mnt/auto " to samba.sh (mount recording partition to /mnt/auto)

Add the bellows to smb.conf (a "record" folder will be created  when you access ME1)
comment = Recording partition of HDD 
path = /mnt/auto 
read only = no 
public = yes 

If you have SSH enabled,  simply download those two files and copy to /etc/samba folder.